Posted on July 19, 2021

Young Adult Decision Making Program: Easy & Worth It

There’s been a buzz around our office ever since we created the Young Adult Decision Making program.

People are calling and emailing and a few have stopped me on the street to talk about what we’re doing.  They’re asking me how to get these documents for their young adult, or sharing stories about issues they dealt with that underscore the importance.

I’ve been taken aback by the response.

The best part is the process is simple, easy and comfortably affordable.

The Easy & Worth It Process

Preparing a Power of Attorney and Living Will for your young adult is simple, easy and quick.

  • First, your young adult completes a brief questionnaire. This process usually takes about 10-15 minutes.
  • Second, we use the completed questionnaire to prepare the documents.
  • Third, your young adult comes to our office and signs the documents in front of witnesses and a notary that we supply.
  • Finally, we send out the final executed documents together with copies and instructions on their storage and use.

The cost for all of this is just $275 — for about an hour’s worth of your family’s time.  Easy and worth it.

Most important, if anything ever happens, the families who have completed this important planning process are well equipped for whatever comes up!

Estate Planning starts at 18!

Click here for more information on our Young Adult Decision Making program, and download our Guide.

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