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Our attorneys at Price and Price, LLC have heard from people in New Jersey who call and ask: “Do I need a living will?” While most people do not have a living will, those who do have a legal document that outlines their wishes should they become too sick or incapacitated to speak for themselves.

Unlike a conventional will that lists “dying wishes,” a living will spells out, as the name suggests, your “living” wishes for medical care and treatment. Attorneys also refer to living wills as advance directives, health care directives, health care declaration, or medical powers of attorney.

While a living will is different from a conventional last will and testament, both documents serve similar purposes. These legal documents give you the power to make decisions before you are no longer in a position to decide. The documents also will help prevent arguments among your loved ones.

With the living will, your wishes are stated. The tough medical choice will not be a matter of debate among your family and friends.

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Should I work with Price and Price to create a living will?

As experienced estate planning attorneys, we believe living wills can bring peace of mind to folks in South Jersey and elsewhere. That’s because they will know their loved ones will not be left to deal with difficult decisions alone. Should you become unable to express your end-of-life medical care wishes, your loved one will be able to refer to your living will.

For example, if someone with a living will falls into a coma or vegetative state, loved ones can use the living will to follow through with the incapacitated individual’s desires. The living will might state that you want to be kept alive through all means necessary. On the other hand, you might include a DNR – do not resuscitate request – in your living will. You might not want medical treatment such as mechanical breathing, resuscitation, dialysis or tube feeding.

When is a health care proxy needed?

In some cases, a medical situation arises that is not specifically mentioned in the living will. That’s where a health care proxy can step in. We will help you designate a trusted family member or friend to take this role. He or she will make decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so yourself.

Your health care proxy is a critical document, because it ensures you get the health care you want if you cannot speak for yourself.

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