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“Do I need an attorney in New Jersey to apply for Medicaid?” That’s a question many people ask us at Price and Price, LLC. In many cases, the answer is “yes.” And if you are considering applying for Medicaid and want top legal advice, we urge you to contact us to arrange a consultation.

As South Jersey’s largest elder law firm, we have the resources and expertise clients seek when they want to get the job done right. Call 856.429.5522 today or visit us at our office in Camden County. We are conveniently located in Haddonfield, but also offer Skype and FaceTime consultations. While we are a large firm staffed with highly skilled attorneys and access to the latest technology, we strive to make excellent service to the client our top priority.

Am I eligible to apply for Medicaid in New Jersey?

Many residents of New Jersey might assume they have too much money and therefore are ineligible for Medicaid. But you may be eligible for public assistance, even if you have assets.

The rules related to financial eligibility for Medicaid in New Jersey are complicated. And those rules are different for someone who is single than they are for those who are married. It’s true that the New Jersey Medicaid laws are consistent throughout the state. But what makes the application process even more complex is the fact that each county differs in its approach.

At Price and Price, LLC, which has been serving clients since 1973, our attorneys have filed many Medicaid applications on behalf of clients. We have built a strong reputation as a South Jersey elder law firm that families turn to for a wide range of planning needs.

When you hire a prominent law firm like Price and Price, you get an accomplished attorney with a thorough understanding of the Medicaid application process.

We incorporate our knowledge of the county-by-county differences into the Medicaid application process. You only get such attention to detail from experienced attorneys who have helped countless families in the Medicaid application process. By taking a methodical approach, we find that our clients’ applications are not denied because of a failure to address county-specific concerns.

How does Price and Price help with the Medicaid application process?

The following shows each step of our process when we work with a client on a Medicaid application:

  1. Meet with clients to discuss whether their loved one can qualify for Medicaid benefits.
  2. Determine what documents are needed for the application.
  3. Review and evaluate documentation provided by the clients.
  4. If our review of the documents reveals issues that may affect the outcome of the application, discuss these issues with the client and try to develop mitigating strategies.
  5. Prepare the client’s Medicaid application.
  6. File the application with the appropriate County Board of Social Services.
  7. Follow up with the County until a decision is rendered.
  8. Communicate and explain the County’s decision to the client.
  9. After benefits are awarded, help clients manage their incomes and undertake estate planning to ensure continuation of Medicaid benefits.

What options do I have if the Medicaid application is denied in New Jersey?

Your application for Medicaid may be denied for any number of reasons. Medicaid rules are complicated. It’s not unusual to complete an application, send it in and ultimately not receive approval. You might have unknowingly done something during the process that hurt your chances of receiving benefits.

But don’t give up. At this stage, if you haven’t already hired an attorney in South Jersey, you should call us immediately and tell us about situation. As your Medicaid attorney, Price and Price will review the basis for the denial of Medicaid benefits with you. When appropriate, we will file a Medicaid appeal on your behalf.

The best way to find out if your loved one’s Medicaid application can be appealed is to contact us. At Price and Price, we can connect you with one of our Medicaid appeals attorneys. You can find out if a Medicaid appeal is appropriate.

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Surviving the Medicaid application process

We have a booklet designed to provide you with basic information and answers to the common questions about the Medicaid application for long-term care that we deal with on a daily basis. We want you to have the book free of charge. Simply click here to get a digital copy.

Some of the topics discussed in the booklet include:

  • How to apply for Medicaid
  • The Medicaid programs available to pay for long-term care
  • The Medicaid spend down process
  • Protections for the spouse
  • What assets Medicaid considers exempt
  • Rules regarding gifting of assets
  • Tips for working with the Medicaid office
  • How to appeal if benefits are denied

When should I contact Price and Price about my Medicaid application?

If you are ready to apply for Medicaid benefits or think you will be sometime in the next year, you need to contact one of our attorneys now. Experience shows us that people who work with an attorney sooner than later put themselves in a better position to start receiving benefits.

Right now is the best time to start working with an experienced Medicaid law attorney in New Jersey for help with the application or before a denial delays your benefits. This will allow your benefits to be maximized and potential financial losses to be minimized.

Contact Price and Price, LLC. You can reach us online by filling out the contact forms on this page. You can also talk to us on the phone to schedule a consultation: 856.429.5522.

If you’d like to conduct a video chat, we welcome requests for Skype or FaceTime consultations. Some of our clients prefer this method if they are unable to come into our office.

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