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If your loved one lacks the mental and emotional capacity to make certain decisions, you may need to explore guardianship or conservatorship. You may be an adult child of a parent who has become incapacitated. But sometimes spouses or other family members of someone who needs protection may need to explore these options. In other cases, you may be a parent of a disabled child who turned 18.

A court in New Jersey must appoint a guardian or conservator to manage your family member’s affairs. Whether the appointment goes to you or some other trusted person (or in some cases an entity), guardianship and conservatorship carries many responsibilities. The individual or entity appointed will be responsible for making financial and healthcare decisions and must sort out other important details related to the loved one’s well-being.

In Camden, Gloucester and Atlantic counties  and throughout South Jersey  families have turned to the elder law firm of Price and Price, LLC for help with guardianships and conservatorships. If you have questions or want to find out how to become a guardian or conservator for a loved one, call 856.429.5522 for a consultation.

In most cases involving elder law, it’s important to act promptly. Unfortunately, people who decide to delay seeking legal advice may end up facing more complications  and expenses.  With guardianships or conservatorships, the person who lacks capacity may have a degenerative condition such as Alzheimer’s disease. By acting early, your loved one may be able to offer some input into important planning decisions. You may even be able to avoid the need for a guardian or conservator.

Guardianship and conservatorship in New Jersey: What is the difference?

  • Guardianship: The appointee takes control of a mentally incapacitated adult’s financial transactions and medical and personal decisions. The two types of guardianships are: 1) Guardian is in charge of financial decisions; and 2) Guardian is in charge of personal and medical decisions. In most cases, one person will take on both roles, but two or more people may be appointed to take on the responsibilities.
  • Conservatorship: The appointee only has control over finances of another adult who has decision-making capacity. The conservator will not be allowed to make personal or medical decisions.

The appointment of a guardian or conservator most likely would not be necessary if the adult, before becoming incapacitated, signed a durable power of attorney for medical care and finances.  These legal documents would contain the name or names of those designated to take charge.

We provide a helping hand for families who need to file guardianships or conservatorships. But we also assist clients in contesting, litigating or opposing guardianships. In any type of elder law service we provide, our goal always remains protecting the interests of the elderly, incapacitated, caregiver and family throughout the process.

Referrals from personal injury attorneys

If an adult is injured in an accident and becomes mentally disabled as a result of a brain injury or some other serious injury, the victim’s loved ones may need to seek guardianship. We accept referrals from personal injury attorneys whose clients needs help with filing guardianships. Please contact us if you are an accident attorney in New Jersey who is seeking help with a guardianship for a special needs client.

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