Care Planning 1,2,3

I don't know where to start... I am in over my head... It's one crisis after another...I wish I had done this sooner...

You care for a loved one with dementia. No one taught you how. You do your best, but it’s extremely difficult. Naturally, you can feel overwhelmed, knowing that the next crisis is just around the corner: “He can’t live on his own anymore.” “Mom can’t stay in our home.” “My husband can’t remember my name.”

It’s very much like walking into a dark room, knowing that you’re going to bump into something. What if someone could turn on the light and guide you through all of the obstacles? That someone is a Dementia Care Coordinator.

Dementia Care Coordinator

Your Price & Price Dementia Care Coordinator is your friend and advocate. She is someone who is there for you, someone who can help you deal with the difficult issues and get the care you want for your loved one. What a relief it is to have a professional – one who has done this many times before – help you with crucial decisions!

3 Steps to Success

We know a great deal about the disease – whether it’s Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, stroke or vascular dementia. Our job is to figure out where you are right now, where you need to go, map out the steps, and then help you get there.

  1. The Assessment
    Your dementia care coordinator will get to know you, your loved one, and your family. She will then consider your current situation and determine any help that you might need immediately.
  1. The Care Plan
    How to ensure the best quality of life today and tomorrow? A care plan answers this question and helps you anticipate and prepare for what’s next. With it, you begin to feel in control.
  1. Care Management
    When it’s time to make choices and take action, you no longer have to go it alone. Our professionals guide you every step of the way.

Help is Available Right Now

The best time to get help – no matter where you are in the process – is now.

Your Loved One’s Situation Role of Dementia Care Coordinator
He has declined, but has not yet been diagnosed. Assist you in finding the right doctor and get you started with caregiving.
She has lived with dementia for many years, but needs a transition of some sort. Help find the right care providers.
Your loved one needs to move into an assisted living community or a nursing home. Determine the best option and coordinate the move.
He has suffered a fall, stroke or traumatic injury, is in the hospital and needs rehabilitation. Locate the right rehab or sub-acute facility and ultimately, manage the transition home, or to an assisted living or nursing facility

A Range of Issues, A Wealth of Experience

Your Price & Price Dementia Care Coordinator can help with all of this and more. It’s totally personal and depends entirely on your loved one’s situation.

  • Assess your loved one’s situation and current needs
  • Suggest tools and modifications and find the appropriate resources for home safety
  • Analyze the personal care in place for your loved one and help you select alternatives including professional home care companies and community programs that can assist with care or caregiving
  • Determine residential options like assisted-living communities and nursing homes
  • Coordinate moving into a long-term care community, monitor the care provided, and advocate if needed
  • Pinpoint resources to help with selling and emptying the house
  • Help recognize the need for hospice and suggest appropriate hospice providers
  • Make referrals to legal and financial professionals as needed
  • Assist with paid funeral planning

Our goal is to anticipate what should be done to stay ahead of the issues, rather than reacting to issues as they occur. Together we can do this.

Get the Help You and Your Loved One Deserve

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