New Jersey Elder Law Attorneys - Since 1973

What We Do:

At Price & Price, LLC our attorneys focus exclusively on helping the elderly, disabled individuals and their caregivers with any legal needs they may have throughout the state of New Jersey. Our agenda is to utilize our over 30 years of experience in the fields of Elder Law, Estate Planning, Probate & Estate Administration, Estate Litigation and Special Needs Planning to our clients advantage in order to achieve the outcomes our clients truly desire. This could mean anything from preserving assets all the way to minimizing estate taxes, maximizing the financial benefits provided to special needs individuals and ensuring that your medical care, should you be critically injured, is carried out in the manner you prefer.

Common Situations Our Clients Will Typically Encounter:

The Elderly & New Parents Commonly Encounter: Facing the high costs of Nursing Home’s or Assisted Living Facilities you need Long Term Care Planning You are concerned about preserving your assets for your children and need Estate Planning You are concerned about your future medical treatment and want to plan ahead with a Living Will You have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or Dementia and need Mental Disabilities Planning You are concerned about your children’s future, if you should pass, and need Guardianship Planning Your have need help applying for Medicaid or have already applied and Medicaid Benefits denied Caregivers & Executors Commonly Encounter: A parent is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or Dementia and needs Mental Disabilities Planning A parent is no longer physically or mentally able to caring for themselves and Power of Attorney is needed A parent is in Hospice Care and help with End of Life Planning is needed A parent has passed away and you need help managing and administering the estate properly A parent has passed away without a will and you need help with the process of probating the will A parent has passed away and a sibling is unhappy about the division of assets and is contesting the will Disabled Individuals & Their Caregivers Commonly Encounter: You or a loved one has been injured and become disabled and they require special needs planning Your child has been born with physical or mental special needs and you require disabilities planning

What Sets Us Apart

What truly sets Price & Price, LLC apart from the thousands of other law firms out there, is our intense dedication to providing our clients with both the best legal advice and customer service we can provide. Our attorneys have earned many collective attributes from this high level of dedication that help set us apart such as: over 30 years experience, a long track record of outstanding results, a Masters of Taxation Degree, Certified Elder Law Attorney Designation from NAELA and SuperLawyers designation just to name a few. We are a friendly and caring father and son law firm that strives to treat our clients the exact same way that we would want to be treated if we were in our clients shoes. We use top experts when necessary and the best available technologies and legal research tools to provide our clients with the best documents and advice we are able.

Why Schedule a Consultation Sooner Rather Than Later

The reality is that some issues can be comfortably put on the back burner without much risk while others are just way too important to wait on for even one more minute before addressing them. Only you can determine how important these issues are to you individually. How important is it to you that: Your children go to the proper guardians when you are gone? Your assets aren’t unnecessarily depleted by Nursing Home costs & New Jersey estate taxes? Your disabled child or loved one gets the maximum financial benefits they can? Your beneficiaries aren’t set up for confrontation after you pass because you didn’t properly plan? Unfortunately, most of our clients end up waiting until there is a crisis before addressing these Elder Law, Estate Planning, Probate & Estate Administration, and Special Needs Planning situations. In order to avoid future problems, now is the time to start working with an experienced elder law attorney, before the crisis occurs. This way your benefits will be maximized and losses minimized. Contact Price & Price, LLC via email or phone at 856-429-5522 to schedule your consultation. You may also request a Skype consultation via email if you are unable to come into our office.